Thursday, 3 March 2011

Breakthrough of sorts

After last weekends total washout due to some seriously inclement weather(see below), I arranged for a friend of mine to come and ride Lukey for me to see if she could help.

Turns out it was a decision well made, as the difference in him after she'd ridden(and coped with his tantrums!!) was amazing. Lukey has NEVER felt so infront of the leg, has NEVER taken me forwards like that without me being in need of oxygen!
My friend works for a hunting yard, and is well used to much bigger animals than Lukey throwing their weight around, so I knew nothing he did would bother her at all.
I don't think he was prepared for someone on him who wouldn't back down.......he's used to me being a coward and totally backing off if he gets grumpy! His initial reaction was one of confusion

followed by arrogance 

Lukey chucking a strop
 but eventually he worked out that she wasn't me, she wasn't scared, and she wasn't putting up with any of his shit!

He even began to enjoy himself

What tuesdays session proved was that he is worth persevering with, and that his 'problems' aren't his  problems, they're mine in as much as they reside in my head. He gave in pretty quickly once he realised he was no longer top dog, and having seen that for my own eyes, I can now confidently move forward with him knowing that I CAN deal with his tantrums, if and when he decides to throw them!
So, an huge thank you to aforementioned friend. I was so so happy tuesday afternoon, even happier when I rode the next day and I still had that forward going pony to ride. He even listened to me when there was a little incident out hacking and he wanted to run, he wanted to panic but he didn't, and I was very proud of him for that.
Good boy! He even worked up a sweat, bless him.